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Good point. Due to internal resistance, wasting energy heating up the packs during flight, you'll have to put more back in, vs what actually came out of the leads during use.

Thanks for mentioning FAS Offset, I hadn't realized you could add an adjustment on the TX.

As far as comparing the watt meter and FAS reading, doing it at 1-2A is probably asking a lot. That's 2.5-5% of the total measurement range. It's unlikely to be very accurate when reading that low; this isn't a laboratory-grade instrument. I'd hope it's fairly accurate when reading 20-30A, something that's a bigger percentage of its total range.

I was just buying some current shunts for some stuff I want to try at home. The ones I saw all have a 75mV drop across them at their rated current, whatever that is (5A or 100A). If this drops 75mV at 40A, then down at 1-2A, you're trying to accurately measure a 2-4mV drop across it. That's pretty small, especially for a ~$20 device, IMO.
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