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and for the record, i think there SHOULD be a programming option on the DX6/9/18 for FIXED PITCH HELIS.

yeah sure, you can set it up in aero mode and it works just fine, BUT ITS A HELICOPTER - NOT AN AIRPLANE.

setting it up in aero mode is simply taking the easy way out.

Its as if the engineers at Spektrum didn't feel like taking an extra 2 min to create a fixed pitch option in the menus, which I guess they figure isn't needed because ANY heli pilot would OBVIOUSLY only fly Collective Pitched craft, and fixed pitch guys should just use whatever transmitter their RTF came with. They dont realize that not everyone in the hobby is an advanced flyer who only does crazy 3D. It goes along with the way their manual is worded - they make the assumption you are an expert, and clearly no "expert" would be interested in flying a fixed pitched heli.

its an unfair bias, and it needs to stop!

haha, ok, end of rant

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