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I just wanted to say thank you to all who have contributed to this thread. It applies to more TX's than just Spektrum, I just did it to my FrSky Taranis

I had previously slipped a piece of fuel tubing over the throttle tension spring/band. That, plus a bit of grease, made it feel MUCH better than stock. But the grease eventually wore off, and the feel became worse. When I opened it up tonight, I found the fuel tubing actually had a small section worn away, like a little divot in the tubing where it rubs.

I wrapped some teflon film around the fuel tubing, and the feel is fantastic I held the film in place with heatshrink at both ends. I'm hoping the teflon will last longer. If I wear it out, I'll replace it, and use more wraps next time.

I did want to share my source for the teflon film. I bought a 12"x12" square for $3.55 including shipping from eBay, the seller is trueseals .

This is the auction link:

The film is smooth, not textured, which is what I wanted. It is 0.005" thick. Heck, I bought one sheet, and there were 2 sheets in the package! Great seller.
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