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KBDD's can work. I have seen a few use them. I think Scott uses them.

I will never use the again. I had a stock pile because I got them cheap. When I had no others they went on my machine. Lost a set in flight on my 700. Head speed was fairly low. 2000ish, but I had a vibe pop up. Boom! No tail blades. Got it down ok though.

So when I got home I decided to check the 750 that had a set too since I broke my Rail 115's. There was marks on both blades in the exact same spot the other blades broke. They were on the verge of breaking.

Its too bad. I always liked them. Nice to have a set of blades after a crash. They hold up well. I will likely use them on smaller helis. 550 down. I just think the 112's weigh too much.
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