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Originally Posted by Michaelinpr View Post
The metal insert is actually just two washers. One each side. There is material under them.

They broke just off center of the hole towards the tip of the blade. The other ones had white stress marks in the exact same spot.

Just keep the head speeds reasonable and if you notice any vibes or a bad bearing please land. Also check them after each flight.

I was lucky. When I noticed the vibe, I put the heli into a 30 foot hover to check something. Then they let go. Easy auto down.
Good to know on the metal insert washers.

I'll definitely keep an eye on them once I get the bird flying. I've had pretty good success rates with KBDD blades on smaller helis with exception of one pair that were way off balance weight wise.

Haven't taken the 112's out of the packages yet, but they look like they are in good shape.
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