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Newbie needing help. My only real heli exp is with the Blade MCX2 and I want to get the hang of CP so I thought I better get this setup put into my sim and DX6i. Not knowing how CP really works I don't know if this setup is working right.

I setup using the Trex 450 and the blades won't start spinning until the left stick is at about 80% and the heli just wants to go up from there which make hovering next to impossible. When the left stick falls below 80% the motor quits.

That is when the TH is on 0. When TH is flipped to 1 the head speed goes up and the heli goes out of sight with no throttle control.

I am thinking this is wrong so I am hoping this thread can set me straight and would also like to know if there is a thread in this forum on the fine art of flying CP.
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