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Originally Posted by Bill_Van View Post
Your success inspired me to order the DX6! I am curious though..... will the AR636H receiver transmit any telemetry back to the DX6? In case your are not familiar, the 636 is the receiver that the 200SR X uses. Thanks for the inspiration and guidance!
The AR636H receiver WILL transmit telemetry back to the DX6 which is helpful when making adjustments in the advanced settings of the receiver. rather than have to rely on swashplate positions, you can use the telemetry readout to see a specific numeric value for the settings.

I have been VERY happy with my DX6, and is worlds beyond the DX6i that I was using prior. The ability to load, save, & transfer model information via SD card is a big feature, not to mention a user interface that isn't terrible, as they all too often can be.

Enjoy your new radio!
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