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Originally Posted by flyer2160 View Post
I have had the same experience and 2 x 4700uf 10v capacitors in parallel has fixed the problem.
If your battery was faulty you would have more low voltage warnings in the log.

RX voltage is being monitored continuously. Should it drop below certain thresholds, log entries are being made:

< 4.5 V -> Information only

< 4.0 V -> Warning

< 3.5 V -> Error

< 2.5 V -> Error

< 1.8 V -> Error

These entries are to be taken seriously, you should think about beefing up your power supply. The thresholds help detecting problems early.

The last two thresholds, 2.5 and 1.8 V are being reported if they are crossed for the shortest time, the first three have a short time lag and are being reported after a undercut of a few milliseconds.

Can you plug a 6800 16v Capacitor into an open spot in the futaba sbus rx? No slots left in my miniv.
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