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Originally Posted by wkderf View Post
1: yes, thats correct. Gain settings won't display on your transmitter unless you are in the adjustment mode.

2: NO. to enter the advanced settings mode on the 200SRX, you need to power up the transmitter & 200 as if you are going to fly it. once you are ready to fly, move both joysticks to the lower right hand corner of the gimbal, and press the panic button until the swashplate tilts in a 360 degree pattern. once it does, you can release the sticks, and the 200srx will be in gain adjustment mode.

3: essentially, your dx6 is telemetry "ready" meaning it has the capability to transmit the data, but to actually receive data, you need a module to send it. there are telemetry modules that will send data back to the DX6, but it requires both the purchase of the main telemetry module, and then a sensor for each individual thing you want to monitor (flight pack voltage, temp, altitude, etc.)
Ok, Got it! I'll look around for the telemetry module and sensors. Probably don't need them but just another aspect to play with. Thanks again!
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