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Default Trio - plus the little one that tags along

I always wanted one but at $500 and a measly waiter salary I could only settle for paying the rent. Then things got better and at the same time the new models brought these down to avg $300-$320 if you knew where to look, so I couldn't get just one.

Sorry for the lack of entertainment as I'm not bling-bling oriented.

#1 (Currently bound and actively flying):
35X smooth-landing flights with 3-5 close-calls (knock on wood).
Microheli canopy and RJX CF blades.
Damage: Under the skids there are some micro-scratches from landing on pavement.

#2 Standing by when the inevitable happens to #1 and it becomes spare parts:
Upgrade: canopy only
Flights: 0 - hasn't even been bound to the transmitter yet.
Damage: None.

#3 Standing by for when #2 calls it quits
Upgrade: None
Flights: 0 - Same as #2
Damage: the plastic film is peeling off the Beast and some dust from sitting on top of my livingroom table ignored.

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