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My $0.02:

Didn't know color coding, plus it may be different for different cables, decided to figure it out. According to this terminology,

- sleeve is ground
- ring is power
- tip is PPM signal.

In my case, AccuRC adapter provided about 3.32V unloaded, so Jeti complained incessantly about low voltage - and I couldn't even shut it off because the lowest limit you can set is 3.3V, and apparently the receiver was measuring it less than that.

So, I just took a spare 2S battery and connected it to the receiver (of course, disconnecting the power wire from AccuRC connector) - lo and behold, it worked.

Though, *everything* is different - I'll have to change calibration and channel inversions. I guess now is a time to regret that AccuRC doesn't have a notion of "transmitter configuration" (like, for example, Heli-X has).
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