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Originally Posted by xpantz View Post
I don't think it's much of a safety issue. When people start being seriously injured or worse from small RC aircraft. One of privacy and annoyance for sure.

How many full sized aircraft, big jets and joyriders in cessnas have crashed into houses and actually killed people on the ground. Happened again just recently. No problem though.

When you look at how many people die in and because of real aircraft or just look at the sporting field for injuries, let alone the road toll or guns etc Calling small multirotors out as the most dangerous and likely to be banned and public enemy no.1 is not supported by statistics.

FYI. In Australia you are not allowed to fly over residential property... ie: your Neighbour's house.
I agree, it's too small to be much of a safety issue, but as you allude to, it'll be amplified beyond all proportion to the actual risk by the media. It sells, to people who can't spot the irony of grumbling how dangerous these things are as they light their cig up.
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