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Originally Posted by Nelsonisms View Post
Just a few pics with one of the new Lynx Evo canopies installed. It's nothing you guys haven't seen already, so I just grabbed it from a few different angles. As you can see there are no ventilation holes in the bottom, but it does have that nice bright redish-orange patch on the bottom which I like for orientation while inverted. I was stoked that it's actually more on the orange side than I was expecting. Some of the pictures make it look like it was more red than it is in person. The 6S 1300mAh packs fit under it with no problem.

Hi Nelsonisms,
I see your using the same landing gear as I use and the zip tie mod. I also use the lynx frame. Did you drill some extra holes in the frame bottom plate to accommodate the zip ties? Great looking bird!
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