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Default Another Spektrum vs Futaba Thread - Any Evidence?

Hey all,

Trying to not to start a brand war, just want the facts.

I got into the hobby with Spektrum, and funny enough I've stuck with them.
I'm sporting a DX9 and love it.

I am now looking to go into the commercial side with an AP setup, using an S1000+ and GH4 Zenmuse gimbal.

People are telling me I should be going with Futaba. No offence, but they generally are all DJI fanboys.
I've posted a similar thread in the DJI section without any response.

Now honestly and factually - can anyone tell me if one or the other is better?

Going out commercially I want the best.
Even if I've never had a problem with Spektrum, a little added security/confidence wouldn't be a bad thing.

Appreciate any help.


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