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Default Pitch Curve suggestions

I successfully hovered my first scale setup of a 450pro inside a 500E fuse. I'm using a 2700kv motor with 3S packs and 350mm blade setup on a normal two-blade head.

All my helis have had traditional 3D type PC setups with -10/+10 type setups.

I setup my DX8 to a TC of 0,85,90,95,100 in normal. My PC is close to -4 to +10 but am now thinking I'm doing this incorrectly for scale.

Maybe I should be in Sport (IdleUp) mode with a flat 100% TC. Then set the PC to have no negative pitch, just the weight of the model will be sufficient for decent. Then set the PC to something like 0, 5, 7, 8, 10 with the idea that more of my collective stick travel can be used to smooth out "scale" like flying without super-quick collective pitch changes.

Am I totally confused? What do others do as to PC and TC settings?
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