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I'd be interested in your way of doing it.

Originally Posted by Keyrigger View Post

Like most of us that have 450 size machines, governors are seldom used but should be. I generally use two throttle curve settings in a two position setup and three in something like the DX-8 and 18. I have Normal set as follows: 0 - 60 - 75 - 75 - 75, Idle 1 at 85 flat across the board, and Idle 2 at 93 across the board. If it is a DX-6, I would increase the 75 to 80 for all positions and then 93 across the board for Idle 1. I have found little difference between performance at 93 vs. 100 but did find that when the ESC is properly calibrated, I get a minute or so more flight time at the lower setting.

Your pitch curve is not far off what most use but I would add just a bit more pitch at the top or have it in reserve in case you do need it. A tip I got was to start a slow climb-out to full pitch and if there is no bogging, you can add more until it bogs down or if the performance is good, leave it as is. Most set their mid-stick to about 5 degrees pitch so that they become used to a mid stick hover position. They set their swash plate so that with the arms level (normal for 3D here)the swash will be at the mid point of its travel. Rather than have 0 pitch at that position of the swash, they add about 5 degrees of pitch and then try to optimize the travel so that they have about -4 at low stick and +10 - 12 degrees at full stick.

I have my own way to do it and so far, it works just fine for me and I will keep it to myself so as not to confuse things. Do be careful of the weight that you will be lifting with your 450 mechanics. Gears are not as strong as they are with 500 size mechanics and you need to fly the helicopter in a very scale-like manner so you don't stress the power train. Good luck with your project.

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