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i have a 130x, fitted with zyx-s and a spektrum sat, turnigy 12a esc, rotary servos and spin motor. just finishing the build. after much hassel i got the sat working by binding both it and orange rx directly to the zyxs, then attaching just the sat afterwards. seems to work fine.

two questions. my 130x is quite heavy now (about 136g with lipo, minus canopy..and this after many weight saving measures) so looking to save a extra few grams on the rx / esc. does an orange sat rx weigh much less than a spektrum sat. looks like it would be a lot lighter without such a bulky case . ive tried taking the case off my sat but the board is impossibly stuck to the case. if i could get it down to 130g without canopy id be happy, as it has a spin motor which is pretty powerful.

secondly i was thinking of getting the bluetooth dongle to tune the 130x. i have a number of zyx birds. can it be used with all versions of zyx, or just the zyx-s onwards. i hate the usb dongle; the cable is too short.
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