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Originally Posted by Busher View Post
Can the tx just be plugged in via the USB, and recognised by the software as a games controller? Thought I read this in the instructions
I don't think this will be happening anytime soon, unless sim vendors get together and agree on a copy protection standard.

I believe the reason this won't be happening is vendor's reluctance to let others use their hardware - in that case, the market will need to be restructured, and that calls for a paradigm shift - a new class, dongle manufacturer, has to emerge, but that's a change, and change is a threat, and threat causes fear, and fear is a powerful dampening factor.

Out of three sims I have, only Heli-X can use a generic USB joystick interface (and, before I got myself a transmitter, I was learning to fly using a standard game joystick, later gamepad - not good for getting the right skills, but good enough to prove the point).

AccuRC dongle doesn't manifest itself as a game device at all.

RealFlight dongle does, but transmitter inputs don't translate to anything recognizable by Windows 'test joystick' dialog.

Is it technically possible to do what you said? Absolutely. But I won't be holding my breath waiting for it. The market niche is open, though - we've briefly touched this topic in a different thread, there's a dire need of a dongle "with a human face". BTW, If anyone's up to discussing this over PM with a purpose of materializing it, I'm all for it
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