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Default TM1000 Telemetry - AR9000 RX issue

Many thanks for all the great information however, my question is two issues, one is binding problems between the TM 1000 and the AR9000. The AR9000 RX will not bind using the side button as instructed on the TM1000. I had to bind the two using a bind plug in the Bid port on the RX. It also does not engage the TM1000 everytime I power up the system.
Secondly when the telemetry is connected and operational it loses connection (or something) whils the heli (T-Rex 600 Nitro) is flying.I would greatly appreciate it If someone can please enlighten me which way to solve these issues. (I have sent two requests on these issues to Horizon Hobbies who have not responded, why I don't know!)
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