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Originally Posted by helibus View Post
but there are servo signal reversers like this one out there -
More than One solution ; is Always a GOOD thing ! Thanks !!

I fly a few different helies , like the T-rex 450 and XL-gas, along with
UMX airplanes that use the AX3s receiver ; also plan to get a Blade heli, with
the same receiver. It's important to learn that USB programer for
those receivers, so i
can change the gains in the gyros, since that programer works on
all the AS3X receivers. I read where some people have excess servo jitter ;
besides cleaning the servo, knocking down the gains one notch, will also
reduce that jitter. This can be done with that USB programer for the AS3X receivers.

I have Windows 8 on my computer, so some
tricks will need to be learned to use that programer. When i find them
i will post a link to the Threads here.

Like for this problem ; i already know that changing the reverse-travel
in the Tx will also make the gyro work backward ; so changing the
gyro gain's , (direction), is a light way to solve the problem, if the servo
can't be reversed without the use of an external signal reverser..

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