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Originally Posted by Harbormaster View Post
I bought a couple of those because they are so light and they have done alright for my old lady flying style. I would be curious to know how they do for someone who pushes them harder.
Well I don't notice any difference in flying, they hold headspeed fine in punch outs and tic-tocks. I wouldn't say I'm a really aggressive 3D flier, but for typical 3D flying they certainly seem to fly fine.

However both the 25C and 35C packs came down with significantly lower voltages than my Nano-tech packs. Now this was the first flight of the Zippys but they'd had 5 gentle cycles to break them in, and the nano-tech packs have had 50-75 cycles each (vague numbers as I don't track battery flights individually).

The nano-tech packs came down at 11.41V (34%) and 11.49V (44%). The zippy 35C came down at 11.23V (14%) so I flew really gently on the 25C and it still came down at 11.28V (14%).

The voltage on the Zippys did climb back up after resting, showing I'd drained about half the pack, but they clearly sag a lot more under load at the moment. I'll keep flying them and see how they pan out.
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