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Well I ended up buying the Gasher Pro used for $1000 back towards the beginning of december. The owner came down from $1300. It has a 611 gyro on it, 4 9252s (one for the throttle), QWWs labeled 700mm SABs, Zenoas 265, Zimmerman pipe. So I figured it might be worth it regardless of whatever might show up. The owner and some of those who know him said the motor hasn't even been broken in yet. I went thru everything and reset the setup. It has the upgrade tail box with belt drive. The standard box someone said had some issues. I haven't seen one up close in detail. The head is limited to +-10 degree do to linkage binding. That's were I set it. There's a reduction lever between the flybar and mixing lever linkage. Everything seems very robust on this machine. 3mm CF frame sides. Bearing holders and drive gears are all quite nice and seem up to the job. I've just put a Fromeco Sahara regulator, AR7000, 2600ma Fromeco LiIon in. Yesterday I fired it up for the first time. Some carborator issues. I took the carb apart, it looks very new. I resealed the head intake gaskets and tightened things down better there. I'll be putting one of those aluminum units in place of the plastic collar. After simplifying the fuel hoses to reduce retrictions I fired it up again this evening. It ran much better. There's something to be said about those aluminum intake header collars. It was dark outside so I didn't get to fly more than a hover. Tomarrow I'll be tweeking it up more thurouly. If anything I can tell at the moment, the head seems to have more moving parts then I would like. Untill I get it in the air more. I'm figuring that If I run into any issues that I don't like like maybe the head setup, I might just throw a MA head or something on it. Everything else seems really solid. The guy that sold it to me did the build. I'll be stretching it to 800-820mm at some point. Irwin has the conversion stuff to do that handy. I didn't buy this heli from QWW so I don't really know how smooth or not the initial sail was. But it's built like a brick $#ithouse. So with this heli anyway I can say that maybe the head performance remains to be seen. But everything else is beautifull. It seems heavy. Rotor world says 13lbs. I haven't weighed it. Not trying to endorse or back anybody or company. Just my experience sofar. Irwin is odd but he's been nice to me sofar...sofar...I'll keep the experience posting as it goes.
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