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So my 1st Post also, I started flying about a year ago and have made pretty sucessful progression. i know i ve had nothing but Blade Helicopters but they are easy to find parts and support for me here in AK. but any way here is how its worked for me.

1. MCX2 RTF- Bought by my wife, (boy she had no idea what she sterted ) good 1st heli. got me hooked, could take lots of abuse!!!!

2. SR 120 BNF- was able to use my MCX2 remote to fly this bird outside and inside a little, good 1st Fixed pitch heli that could take a crash farly well.

3. 200 SRX RTF- Love this bird, came with a better transmitter, and the SAFE Tech, is a great learning tool, Also taught me a few hard lessons about crashing a heli of this size, The 200 SRX will be damaged in a crash almost 100% of the time. After some leassons learned i was flying in advanced mode all the time and then learned how to "Flip" this Fixed pitch heli,

4. Phoenix 5 With DX6I- Well once learning how much of a pain it is crashing a heli, and winter coming, picked up the sim, and the DX6I that came with it was also lots of help flying all my birds, Can t say enough about being able to crash and hit reset a million times on the sim.

5. Nano CPX- After playing alot with the sim i was ready for a Collective Pitch Heli, I went with the ncpx cause it can fly indoors and take lots of crashes without breaking anything, its definitly a handfull and a very fast little heli, learned alot about my DX6i also, somewhat tamed the nano, sport flying a few flips and very short inverted hovers.

6. 180 CFX- I was thinking about a 130x but then this came out . got some good reviews and info here on Helifreak and I couldn t be happier with my newest Heli, Inverted and flips are much easier on the 180 the the nano, definitly see why bigger helis are more stable, but again not gonna take a crash the greatest ( "knock on wood" about 15 pacs and no crashes yet)

So this is were i am at now, I try and fly everyday, either my 180 CFX or the NCPX or the sim, trying to get good at inverted hovering!!! ( and i thought nose in hover was a bit tricky) but getting better and better every day, i ve started looking at a 300cfx or 450x as one of my next helis, but probably waiting for summer,
Cheers everybody!!!! now get out and FLY!!!!!
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