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i would look into a tried and tested helli, not one where the where the costomers pay for r&d. I ve been through the wringer with qww and i ve seen them take advantage of costomers look at the guy from down under on the rr forum. from start to finish they had to make their own part to get the hellis to fly right and at every cheap shot qww went on the defensive and tore them for posting problems stating they didnt know how to build one of their helis to they were screwing thing up. I wouldnt trust them at all. and 2nd worse part is qww is the only sorce to get parts its not like u can just go to another shop and get parts, and 3rd the resale value is the worst i ve seen in a heli cant sell them period.

edit look here pg5 at the end is the conclusion >
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