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"my experience sofar. Irwin is odd but he's been nice to me sofar...sofar...I'll keep the experience posting as it goes"

Good luck with that, For ur sake I hope it continues but chances are it wont. The head if it is silver is their newer head. If i know the heli right it has heavy duty linkage on the head ? silver ball joint ? Any how the heads are very simular the one linked and the silver body, they are both a dual spindle head They are ok for hovering thats about all they tend to have a lot of flap and tend to pitch up in ff and are to slopy to do any kinda acro. Last and final warning when qww has there cheap knock off parts made the tooling is dull and threads are real sloppy Best to use green locktite with these hellis. and clean and locktite every thing. Just take a cap screw and feel the slop in the threads.

edit added link to newest review, pg5 says it all in the conclusion >
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