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Originally Posted by IcySwan1 View Post
I am new to this sport and catching on slowly. I think too slowly. I have a new DX6 and the latest version of Phoenix. It works ok with default settings, but seems clunky to me. I am trying to set it up like OP suggests. Here is my dumb question. What does "set throttle curve of hold +10" mean? I can set a throttle curve with 5 or so points. I can set a flat throttle curve at +10, and I think I can set a throttle hold of +10 (maybe not), but I can't figure out a throttle curve of hold +10. I am sure is simple. What do I put in a DX6 to achieve this result? Thanks to all for your patience.

+10 hold curve is ONLY for the DX6i. It's to cope with a firmware error in the DX6.

This is not required for any other type of transmitter.
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