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Hmm Guys there seems to also be a fundamental point missing.
Paypal and credit card companies etc state they dont want you to add their charges as it is poor business practice and also reflects negatively on their business.

The seller gains a huge advantage in accepting payment via these companies in terms of ease of transaction, reliability etc but most importantly they gain access to Buyers who would likely NOT buy from them if they did not have such a facility.
THATS the main reason (after using their service) why you pay a fee.

How can a seller justify getting out of a Paypal fee when they themselves expect money for their goods? double standard or what?

If any vendor adds a fee to my purchase I refuse to if they are that cheap and dodgy what can I expect from the goods they are pushing?

Yes even the services provider understands the Seller may well include his "Trading" expenses in the price. But then at least the buyer can judge if the price is still reasonable.

Its like the Ebay seller dodge of undercutting other sellers then padding up the postage and handling etc
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