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Default New Software/Firmware 1.0.010/1.3.050 is available

Release notes:

- 1.0.010 (firmware 1.3.050)

- Added Spektrum Binding in software

- Cyclic Rotational Speeds are now separated for Aileron and Elevator

- Overspeed after spoolup with some ESC: fixed

- Dynamic headspeed management during extreme overspeed maneuvers added

- Random hot start on startup on some ESC: fixed

- Governor precompensation optimization

- Added tail drag precompensation

- Added Cyclic Pitch Pump

- Added swashplate design in radio setup for see the servo number position

- In wizard (panel 7) doubled the resolution in swashplate setup

- Factory default "Tail Dynamics" is now at 6% (easier on TT transmissions)

- In Model Size Selection (panel 11) Elevator preset D Gain raised

- Governor: Deadzone range raised now at 0-350

- Bailout ramp range raised now at 0-140

- Removed JR trademark from drop down menu and also from swashplate selection

- Added in cyclic setup instruction "10 degree"

- Minimum and Maximum throttle pulse width for the esc, is visible also in the Wizard

- "Motor is Electric" check now is also in the Wizard, now “Electric motor” is default

- Inserting, complete, correction, of texts.

- Overall optimization and bug fixes (Cyclic Ring, Feed Forward, etc.)

Setting changes to do from previous version :

- Set the new Rotational Speed
- VERY IMPORTANT Verify the cyclic rates separately for ail/elv before flying in each bank
Rates for ail/elev are in Advanced->setup1-2-3->cyclic

Android version will follow in about 2 weeks, we decided to not hold the new firmware and release for windows and have people enjoy it even if Android not out yet.

Please use it and let us know what you think.

As usual free to all users as it will always be............

Thanks for waiting and hope you will like flying it as much as we liked it writing and testing it for you.

Special thanks to all our dev and test team.

Special thanks to Alex Rose AKA OnTheSnap.


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