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A couple of questions from someone new to Ikon and somewhat new to the hobby:

Originally Posted by HighFreq View Post
Release notes:

- 1.0.010 (firmware 1.3.050
- Cyclic Rotational Speeds are now separated for Aileron and Elevator

Setting changes to do from previous version :

- Set the new Rotational Speed
- VERY IMPORTANT Verify the cyclic rates separately for ail/elv before flying in each bank
Rates for ail/elev are in Advanced->setup1-2-3->cyclic
If I haven't gone into Advanced Mode to alter these prior to the update, do I need to do anything with this after updating? In other words, would someone who had only set-up banks in the Basic Wizard need to worry about this?

Originally Posted by HighFreq View Post
- Added in cyclic setup instruction "10 degrees"
I sat down tonight to do the head set-up on my new Logo 550Sx and discovered the upgrade when I fired-up the Ikon and the software on my netbook. I saw this instruction during my head set-up but was a little unclear on how to handle. Is the 10 degrees a calibration or a limit (like pitch)? I had seen various recommendations in various threads, videos, etc. as far as what cyclic pitch to use. I had planned on going with around 8 degrees for starts, but after seeing this instruction wasn't sure which way to go. I hedged a little and set at 9.5 degrees. Will this be ok or is this a calibration that I need to try to get exact?
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