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I agree things like this will be used against the hobby in the future. I think the "ass holes" comment was more out of jealousy and sarcastic. But hope he knocked on every door of every house and asked permission to fly over each property before he did this.

This drone thing is getting ridiculous. I saw a vid on YouTube where a guy crashes on a beach full of people and a group of kids start playing with the downed quad. Simply irresponsible use of a dji phantom. And even worse is putting it on the internet as fuel for the fire. Sometimes I wonder if there is a bunch of tinfoiled hatted folks out making these vids and doing these stunts to get these things banned. (Where's my tin hat?)

This vid is just some guys having fun for sure. But that DJI on the beach the white house and yellow stone park a airport? All these guys where idiots IMHO. I have to say when I look at the big picture of the worse of humanity and what we do wrong in the world it all stems from a selfish self superiority complex. I bet if there was a interstellar class ranking of society we would all be embarrassed to admit we where human. I know I am lol

Humanity hillbillies of the Universe
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