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Originally Posted by Nelsonisms View Post
I've pretty much come to accept that the fun I've enjoyed flying FPV at our club without a lot of BS is going to come to an abrupt end in the near future. It's already starting to get kind of a bad stigma at our club due to a couple of knuckleheads doing stupid crap ruining it for the rest of us. We had one dude lose a plane into an apartment complex near the field. Of course he was flying on 5.8 with no flight controller or RTH with only the receiver in his Fatsharks. Then there are the guys who come out during busy times and want to fly around FPV through the main flight line without a spotter. These kinds of people don't seem to get it no matter how many times you warn them to keep it on the down low. And this is at a field sanctioned for RC flight. I can only imagine how many dumb mother truckers are out there in the wild.
Starting to feel the same way about it all coming to an end. A few more fools and perhaps somebody actually doing something malicious and that's going to be it.

Robotics: Funny how the greatest boon to the RC hobby/industry could also be its end.
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