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Originally Posted by DavidH View Post
Is this the rotor head you have on it?

If that is the head. that is a copy of a rotor head that Ted Schoonard of Miniature Aircraft designed back in the early 90's. I used the MA rotor head ( 0840) for several years. If that is the head your using above in the link. You should be able to get more than 10 to 10 on the pitch. But also that head was designed for contest flying. So if HHI copied it verbatim, it should have about 3 degs on coning angle in the blades .

Hi David. No it's not that one. I don't have a digital camera handy. But the main head block looks somewhat egg shaped with flat sides. It has seperate spindles for feathering. It has all the rest of the linkages that is shown in your link, including that reduction lever between the flybar and mixing arm. The engine is still not running right enough to want to do more then hover with it. So I'm not able to coment on it's flight charichaturistics beyond hovering. Learning how to tune this motor is going to take alittle more work than I realized. The main shaft is 10mm so if I have to put a different head on it then so be it. Hovering is reasonably stable. Not as solid as my Trex 600. Tho I can fly decently inv and backwards with the 600 I haven't got this thing beyond normal flight mode and hovering. So head rpms are not dialed in yet. The tail kicks just alittle too often from the motor not being right to want to get close enough to use the Hanger 9 micro didgital tach that I have. So my main focus has been on getting the motor right. I don't know anyone around here that has experience with Zenoas except Erwin. I might just have to resort to him. I've watched the videos from the man with the stator gators a number of times. That helped alot. I have experience with English motorcycle carbs (Amal). This heli has got the walbro carb. I've got it close. But it's not right yet. The throttle curves are resonably correct. Of course the Zenoas performance has little to do with QWW. I have a farilly comprehensive Shurline lathe and milling machine setup if I end up having to fabricate anything. Except for bearing holding blocks I will probably look for other companies (MA, TT, etc.) for anything that's close and can be adapted. Unless of course I'm impressed with this once I get the motor right. And manage to hold a good relationship with Erwin.I don't care too much for the slider yoke setup on the tail. Seems alittle sloppy. If worst comes to worst, This will be a good way to come up with something interesting and Frankenheli. The frames and basic structure are rock solid. But in all fairness first things first before I fall for any prejudgemental mind states.
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