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Originally Posted by DavidH View Post
A spacer between the bearings and then a small washer on bolt on each side. Then you can tighten the bolt as tight as you want and not pinch the bearings. That is how it is done on most helis.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. Look at the bell mixer and the bolt going thru it. You will notice there is a spacer between the two bearings and then a small washer against the head of the bolt. Then a small washer between the mounting surface and the bearing.

Ya that's basicaly what I did. Had to run around abit to find the right size washers to use as a spacer between the radial bearings and outside. Just to catch the inner races etc. Got it dialed in alot better today. Still getting alittle kicking. But the kicking is hardly audible in the motor. 4oz of Lawn Boy in a gallon of 87 regular. $3.20 instead of what Collman charges. I decided that I'll keep it in the garage if it stinks too much. Just trying to hear the rpm threshold for the high rev needle. Any one know what the typical rpm is on this motor at the point the high needle starts doing it's thing? Or a general percentage of throttle? Iv'e got about 25% throttle at hover point. Still don't want to do more then hover untill it's right. I appreciate the input.
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