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I have been living with my problem for almost a month,

I have 75 HV Castle creation edge ESC with 6s 1800 pack along with 10A bec connected with the ESC together from the same lipo.

I have t-rex 450 sport, it's inside a HH-1N fuselage with belt drive tail up.

the head is converted flybar to flybarless and the pushrods are connected from the swash not from the swash lever arms, the helicopter been flying good with out the Vbar,

then I decided to install the mini VBAR I have futaba r7008sb and I run it with 14sg futaba radio,

I connected the Vbar through the S-bus and Iam using the 14 fastest on my radio,

the first problem is that when I start programming the Vbar (5.3.4) disable governor from the Vbar and from the castle link and connect the esc cable to the RXB (Vbar) and the bec to the futaba RX to power it on

first I select the trim box, I go out to fly it's start vibrating and then fly like dream then I land, then after that if I go fly one moren time sometimes take off nice and then after few seconds or minuets start twitching really bad left or right and I almost can putting it down.

and if I plug it into my PC and remove the trim and go to fly after the dream fly will go nice and then start twitching bad!

I checked the head twice and I checked all the bearings, the motor I use is 460MX Brushless Motor (1800KV) checked it with no problems found!

then I start working to setup the governor in the VBAR thinking that the disabled governor could making that problem, but after I connect the esc in RXB and the white single cable that comes from the esc into the RXA then I start programming the VBAR the setup will not go through like what should be ; like when I go to the setup page I select the CH 3/ esc/ preset and the other selection is RXB then I go to number 2 page and start selecting on get the read mark on and then moving the motor to get the lower point and then the top point but when I click finish and go to the finished page here is where I can't see the green lights on the fail safe, ramp limit, low limit, full thru etc the only blue bar moving when I move the thru stick to less than half thru, and reading speed limit good with the stick all the way to the top,

so the speed reading good but like I said no green light on the steps showing,

so I think the withe rpm cable that comes with esc not working with Vbar!!

please help!
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