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Well anyway. He! He! O ya!...2 hardware based insidences today. Just hovering several teeth on the main gear blew out. I had the mesh set fine. Nothing but the most minute touch of play to the pinion. I've set my 600 and sevceral other helis up. I know how to set main gear mesh. The motor is running decently and only had some adjustments to do with the high rpm needle. Nothing much in the way of eratic power there. So I took it to the park (not intending to do anything more then a coupla climouts ) and fired her up. Feels like the high needle starts to kick in around 25% throttle but probably not completely. Even did an easy slow spool up (the other 4 or 5 hovers as well). About to start lifting and then a bunch of racket and then just motor reving up while the rotor droped rpm. I shut her down . I noticed on the bench durring setup before that the phasing pins seemed alittle short, but at +- 10 degrees there was still alittle catching the washout base. About 2-3mm. Not much. I did ask Erwin about this back in december when I set the head up. He said you don't need any more. I said we'll see. My 600 is +- about 12 1/2. Well I say this because the heli was responding head wise fine and I didn't have it off the ground let alone crashing. But the washout was turned off the pins as if the pins flexed to the side. There was only 2-3mm catching before and this head had mixing levers binding at +- 10, so I set collective and cyclic pitches just under binding. A very noticable chunking sound when the gear teeth went. But the washout base had to have twisted at the same time from the gear issue . The head spins fine with no apparent give in the main bearings. I've heard of the main gear thing happening to others, but it looked robust enough to give it a go. One guy said that he put a MA gear in and seems to be holding up fine. I don't know just how much acetain varies in quality, or if the bigger helis are using something else. Maybe the teeth are larger in other gassers. Haven't seen any others up close. I'll see what Erwin saise about all this and decide weather or not to go elseware for the drive train and head system. I know the teeth were all there before.
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