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Default Lipo in Esky needed

hi everyone, i am new to RC Heli flying...need some help here..
firstly i am sorry if i post this in the wrong thread...but i feel that this is the most suitable thread to post and obtain answers..

I own a Esky Lama V4, been flying for about 2 months, noticed that my radio batteries run out very fast as it is using 8AA alkaline batteries, so i decided to change it to 8AA Nicd batteries, but found out that 8AA Nicad batteries will only produce 9.6v as each one is only 1.2v at fully charged. I wont able to fly with that battery level.

through reading the forum found out that some of the members have tried changing their battery from Nicd battery pack(original) to 3s lipo 11.1v and have full satisfaction....

so my question is can i substitute my alkaline batteries(originally use) to a 3s Lipo 11.1v?

what should i do if i can substitute to 3s lipo 11.1v....can i follow the steps posted in this thread previously...

tq first for all the replies....
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