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Here is the maiden of my newly modified 600ESP without all of the push pull links. This was literally the first few times in the air after the mod, and the fitting of a brand new VX1e, as previously it had a MicroBeast. Expect to be bored as this is almost literally the whole process, from fitting the battery to finishing with it flying well enough for the first pack.

To help you understand the fairly quiet audio, what I complain about is having gone out to do a maiden without my datapod. So I stop the video to go to get it, so I can adjust the main rotor gain, which was too high. Then I complain about the headspeed being all wrong as a result of fiddling with it to do a bench test last night without blades, where I set it 1500, 1700 and 1900, to make sure the switching was okay. I went for low numbers, because I was on the bench. Then, because I'm an idiot, I went and test flew with those headspeeds, and it was flyable, but not really good.

Anyway, here's a full maiden, minus a couple of minutes, between the edits, once or twice to tune.

Only corrected my headspeed, and tuned the main rotor gain down, otherwise it was stock. Only had one pack charged, and wanted more, once I was able to fly it at the end of the video.


Regards, Sutty
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