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Thanks Archimage. . .I sent you a PM about this. . .

Originally Posted by ArchmageAU View Post
Assuming mix is:
in>out: high 50, low 0, offset 10

If the in channel is 10 or below, no change to the output channel is made.
If the in channel is about 10, then: ((in channel - 10)/2) is added to the output channel.

(remember in channel 10 is the new 0 - so take (in channel - 10) to determine if high or low before applying weight).

Pop quiz: For the mix 50,0,10 if out channel is 20 and in channel is 20, what is the output value?

Answer: in channel is > 10 so high mix is applied. So adjust is ((20-10)*(50/100)) = (10)*(1/2) = 5. This is added to the output channel value of 20, so the result is out channel becomes 25.

Hope this helps clear things up.
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