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Got the PM, but will post the answer here as others may benefit from it.

For instance. my first mix need is a simple one. I want the elevator (slave) servo to move linearly from neutral to about +10 when the throttle (master) movement drops from about 30% to cutoff. This is to compensate with a model that drops its glide too much at cutoff.
Not being a plane guy, I'll try to understand.

I as assuming you have normal elevator movement when throttle is above 30%. Below 30%, you want a linear add to elevator till throttle hits 0%, with being +10% to elevator.

So the mix, the input is thr and the output is ele.

Next, the throttle needs to be translated to -100/+100 notation. so 30% becomes -40 (x = (n*2)-100 = (30*2)-100 = 60-100 = -40)

Next at -40, the change is 0, at -100, the change is +10. There to extend this out to -140 (-40 less 100), the change would be 16.666 (10 * 100 / 60).

So the mix becomes:
thr > ele : high 0 / low 17 / offset -40

Hope this makes sense. Please test and tell me how it goes (as I no longer have a DX8 to test on).
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