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Default Spektrum satellite with Naze32/flip32 and Cleanflight (How to)

It wasn't intuitive at all on what needs to be done to get naze32 (or flip32) to work with a sat using Cleanflight, and I wasn't able to find a single article that had everything in it, so I decided to create a new thread here.

1) Instead of connecting the signal (gray) wire to the 3-pin sat connector (available on flip32) you need to connect it to the signal pin of input channel 4.

2) Connect sat ground to any ground (ground on 3-pin sat connector on flip32 works).

3) Connect sat V to 3V out (V on 3-pin sat connector on flip32).

4) In Ports tab, set UART2 to Serial RX.

5) In Configuration tab, set the receiver mode to RX_SERIAL.

6) Use 1024 for DMS2 and 2048 for DMSX.

7) In the Receiver tab, map channels to TAER1234.

(There were a few sources for these tips, some from

Let me know if anything here is not clear enough, or if some steps are not really needed. Good luck!

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