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Hi, I am using the version 5.0 of the phoenix simulator with DX6i and have been having a bear of a time trying to use any helicopter at all, until finding this forum post. I used to fly planes, quite well, and now have a couple of quads but have been toying with getting a regular heli, with much reservation given my sim experience. But then I found this thread!

Thank you to the original posters with the information on how to setup Phoenix. You'd think after spending a couple hundred dollars on the radio and sim that there might be some instructions on how to set this stuff up. In any case, this helped tremendously. Flying a heli is mostly like flying an RC plane as far as I can tell, at least with a gyro on. Without the gyro you just need to keep the tail in line.

One thing that wasn't 100% clear, although I think I understand, is the detailed model tuning settings. I didn't find anything in version 5 called this. I see model-edit-detailed and there are a bunch of settings I think I need to zero out if the transmitter has all of the settings embedded per your instructions. Just makes it kind of a pain having to do this for every copter you try. I'm trying to decide which one will be my first purchase so am playing with many. Right now I really like the way a blade 300x flies in the sim.

In any case, thanks again for taking the time to educate us!

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