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Originally Posted by Skywagon View Post
Thanks for the reply Archimage,

You stated my first Mix task correctly . .
I will digest your Mix formula suggestion and get back to the Forum in a day or two.
Were you able to receive my "Plotting" examples. Hopefully, they did not go to a junk file. . .
OK. Got the mail and the graphs (been really busy the last few days, which is why I have not been posting much).

As you are new user on the forum (3 posts), I'll post it here, as per request, and answer the queries. This is also why posts are mediated (take time to appear) and you cannot change avatar yet.

For the "50,0,10 (is this correct?)" plot, the answer is no.

The vertical axis on the graph is the "addition" to elevator (not elevator itself).

This is why the light blue plot of "50,0,10??" is correct.

As you can see, whatever you make the last number, that is the point the "addition" is 0.

The first number is the gradient of the line to the right of the last number. The second number is the gradient of the line to the left of the last number.

You will notice 50,-10,50 intersects the elevator "addition" axis at -15. It passed through -10 at throttle value -50 (which is 50 less 100). So the gradient is the number through which the addition will pass when it is channel value 100 from the offset point.

Also the plot of "0,40,-30" intersects the "addition" axis at 28 (although it looks like 30 - 40 * (100-30) / 100 = 40 * 70 / 100 = 2800 / 100 = 28 - 70 is the distance between -30 and -100 ).

You ask:
I can't rationalize why a Hi Mix value gets cast into the low mix range when the low mix = 0
In short it does not. When low mix is 0, if the value of the in-channel is less than the offset, then the "addition" is 0.

It is my understanding that these values are taken BEFORE channel reversing, sub-trim and travel adjust(someone needs to check this). Ideally you need to verify your mixes with reversing off, sub-trim 0 and travel adjust 0 (high and low), then reapply these for your model.

It you want to have a trim alteration to elevator (so 10 is the new normal), this can be done in either trim or sub-trim.

Hope this makes sense.
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