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I don't agree, I learnt with a Nitro and got on fine with it. I should seek out a local RC Heli club and go see them. When I started out there was quite a range of models, especially Nitro powered. There isn't so much around now.

Before doing anything, I should get a good Simulator..preferably one with its own 'radio' and lead. Phoenix is a good Sim, and Realflight. Reflex is another good one, though not sure if its still on the market. A mate of mine had Realflight, which could be set for such things as 'failures' etc really good training feature for real emergencies.

Get good on the Simulator, yeah you can learn to fly without one but you will have enough on your plate just learning to set a real heli up properly. On that note there are one or two books on the subject, might be worth reading?
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