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Originally Posted by hawkman71 View Post
What size would you go on the electrics? I would have thought the 400 class would be a good compromise?

True, Nitro looks like it has shrunk in popularity. Guess my opinion was swayed by how much stick time you could get, but then with at least 3 or 4 bat packs for something like a Trex450 you can get the same stick time, if not more in one day.

Those fancy chargers that can do several packs at a time are the way to go. I think LiPo has really changed things, an hour and a half or thereabouts, to charge a pack...incredible!
Depends on a lot of things (budget, previous RC experience, flying space, nearby assistance/club, access to sim, etc..)

450 size (360 CFX, Warp 360, X3, etc...) is a good compromise of size, power and handling, but all of these are advanced helis (can do damage, $$$ per crash, require advanced setup knowledge).

Sim is always a must. Beyond that, it's too hard to call without more information.
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