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I have purchased the Invertix and wish to use a DX6 Radio with a Spektrum Satellite. How do I program the Arming Switch?
In order to use a DX6 transmitter, you must reprogram the Arm switch in the NanoWii to accommodate your radio. Please follow these steps:
Download the MultiWii GUI:
Unzip and extract the GUI and open up the proper folder depending on what kind of computer you are using. Please note that it helps to download the latest version of Java if you run into any issues.
Connect your Multiwii to your computer using a Mini USB Cord.
On the top right of the GUI, you will see various boxes. Two boxes should be currently selected (the boxes will be White). For the Satellite board, you will see the row (Aux 3 Low) is selected for both ARM and 3D Mode. Please DESELECT these white boxes so that now all boxes are grey. Now, click the boxes for AUX 1 HIGH, for both ARM and 3D Mode.
Click Write and disconnect the USB connector from your computer.
In your radio, go to the Gyro function. Select F MODE for the switch. Make Rate 0 0% (Norm 0). Now make Rate 1 100% (Stunt 1).
Plug in a battery and test proper motor direction. Now, the motors will arm when the F Mode switch is pulled up into the Stunt 1 Position.
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