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Default I found an issue with global variables!

I always wondered why you need global variables until today. I needed to adjust the roll rate for my V922, which uses 120 eCCPM swash mix. Somewhere between 30-40 is a good value and 30 it feels very docile and soft. Instead of changing CYC1, CYC2, CYC2 weight ratio I used GV1 (global variable) and mapped that across all the flight modes (FM0-FM3 = Norm, Hold, IU2, IU2). In Normal mode you can choose "Own value", but there are value boxes available in Companion (on Mac OSX). GV1 cannot be set, but is defaulted to 1024. In the radio you can make that change, but not in the companion. So i set it to 40 and copied the config to my computer. What happend was that I got my pitch and throttle correct in Hold, IU2, IU2, but in Normal the CYC1/2/3 were maxed out, regardless of my pitch which is on CH10.

I spent hours messing with my flightmodes and everything possible. Then I decided to test if GV1 might be used in a special way (since you are not allowed to edit in Companion) and set my CYC1/2/3 weight to GV4 and MAGIC, it worked. Seems to be something going on with GV1 that I missed in the manual somehow!
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