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We have found that the NanoWii board is very selective with DSMX and DSM2 satellites. It is very important to note what kind of radio is being used. If the radio says DSM2 on the front (Spektrum DX7 SE for example), you MUST use a DSM2 Satellite and bind it using a DSM2 Receiver (AR6100 or Similar). If the radio says DSMX on the front, you MUST use a DSMX Satellite and you MUST bind the satellite to your radio using a DSMX External Receiver (Spektrum AR7010 or similar). If these steps are not followed precisely, the model will not arm.
i don't understand this satellite stuff, i'm coming back to flying after 10 years when i never heard of satellite stuff just bind your tx to the receiver like the ar6100. can i not just use the ar6100? do i have to have the satellite receiver? how do i bind 2 receivers at once?

i need to just pick the external receiver version right? what is the purpose of satellite hookup one then?
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