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I'm a bit confused, so time to ask for some help. I followed the instructions above and basically everything is working. However, as I try to setup the 3GX cyclic pitch setup and give right aileron I am only getting about 4 deg on the front blade. The 3GX requires 8. I tried everything but somehow I cannot get more than 4 deg on full aileron stick. Any ideas?
Update: not sure what I did, but I got it working. The only thing I can think of, is that I decreased the Wgt of the colective channel a lot in order to get +/- 12deg. I'm down to about 30%. My wgts on Ele & Ail in the Inputs Menu are also down to a little over 30% to get the 8deg pitch on cyclic. I haven't really understood it completely, but the calculation at the beginning of this thread for the 12deg+6deg = 18 which translates to 66% collective and 34% for the cyclics didn't quite work for me.
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