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Originally Posted by gadorey View Post
Update: not sure what I did, but I got it working. The only thing I can think of, is that I decreased the Wgt of the colective channel a lot in order to get +/- 12deg. I'm down to about 30%. My wgts on Ele & Ail in the Inputs Menu are also down to a little over 30% to get the 8deg pitch on cyclic. I haven't really understood it completely, but the calculation at the beginning of this thread for the 12deg+6deg = 18 which translates to 66% collective and 34% for the cyclics didn't quite work for me.
Correct, to adjust cyclic you change the weights on the input menu for aileron or elevator, to adjust pitch you change the weight on the input menu for your pitch channel. I personally use GV for the weights as I plan to write a lua panel after more of the functions we need are in Lua.
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