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i got the electronics all done. i put the GY401 up front. i would have had to make a shelf to mount it in the back, and the way the tail blocks are split, it seemed it was a better idea to mount up front. the AR7000 was mounted sideways on the shelf behind the gyro, and the sattelite antennae was mounted under the battery tray. the CC60 esc was strapped to the right side on the battery tray.

i also assembled the swash plate, and all the ball links. then, i set my servos up, and got the swash level. i decided to mount the elevator linkage with the outside link facing down. it just worked better for me this way. all the links have a straight shot to the swash, except for the elevator link. there is a reason for that though.

the tail went together fairly well. i had to play around with some clearances, but nothing it would take a PHD to figure out.(nice machine work irwin). this is one nice tail. very smooth.

the bearings had to be pressed into the head. it comes with thrust bearings, and all the spacing was dead on. kind of a pain, but i'll survive. make sure you are careful with assembling these blade grips.

when i get my camera back, i will post more pics.
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